A Text-Count-Program calculates a text per standard line. An EU-standard line has 55 characters. The price per line is based on the difficulty and length of the text. The price is also based on the language the original text is in. For certificates, forms, and other recurring texts, however, this does not play a role in the price. Contact us and we will quote you a price.


Our prices for translations are based on the combined languages, the difficulty of the topic and the duration of our services. A conference with specialists and presenters demands interpreters with knowledge of the specific topic. For simultaneous interpretation a team of two interpreters will work together and switch off every 20-30 minutes. A marriage or a city tour, however, would be much less difficult to interpret, thus affecting the price. No matter what, the price will be fair and competitive for your needs. Just give us a call and we will happily talk to you about your request.

All of our translations and interpretations are based on the essential principles of preciseness, thoroughness, accuracy and discretion.